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Re: Internet/Satelite link?

I ask a simple question and I get a landslide of insults. Theer are
satelite gateways, so why not make a gateway with an internet
connection? Just a simple, painless question. If the hobby wants to stay
just ahead of the stone age (yes I said stone age) then go ahead, but
why are you here? Go ahead and keep peking out CW and bouncing HF
around. I can't get on it, so I guess I'm screwed since 2m and above is
dead around here and MIR is jammed up with QRM. During a pass I have to
fight with NYC, Philidelphia, Detroit, etc. Oh well... HF is a mode I
can't get on due to my work. I work in a darkroom working with opposites
all the time. Can't remember all the red lights I've drove through and
green lights I've stopped at. Whay's the point? If I had a tone
deafness, I could get around the CW requirement. With this, I'm screwed.

Oh well, I had always heard that hams helped each other and others. Got
my Tech license and now I can't even get a reply from a call. I've
traveled all over this country and the results are the same. A
conversation ends and I make a general call. Nothing. Finally someone
else calls and several people answer. I've called for help and
emergencies and got the same responce. I'm ashamed to admit I have a
license anymore. The CB is on more than the 2M. At least they answer and
I know most of them are jerks.

Go ahead and fight over modes, freq bands, etc. Ham radio is in it's
last days. Go ahead and fight among each other right to the end. I don't
care because no one else does. Come time to renew my license, I won't.
What's the use.

Sound like I'm bitter and upset? Yes I am. One simple question and my
mailbox is flooded with hate email.

Good bye ham radio.
                      >>>========> Rob <========<<<
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