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RE: Internet

Rich & Steve,

Thanks for your replies.  And I'm glad you took the time to express your
sentiments because you dug deep and brought up very good points.  You also
are educating me and hopefully many others on the real interconnectivity
between these two modes of operation rather than just expressing opinions.
I try not to be narrow minded and the viewpoints of our group help me
broaden my spectrum of knowledge.  I see where you are going with this
endeavor and you have now sparked my curiousity for possible new horizons.
What you are expressing back to me in response to my "categorizations" is
what I am suffering through because some of the diehard CWer's in my local
club don't have any use for packet radio and modern modes of communication.
Appreciate the enlightenment that everyone in the group is providing.  This
is what is so nice about the group and why I sub'd is to learn by our
discussions and constructive criticisms.

I'm developing a list of questions so keep your thinking caps on!

73, and thanks again.

BettyAnn, KC6ING
Computer Resource Specialist
Nematology/Plant Pathology/Statistics
University of California
Riverside, CA  92521
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