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Re: Internet/Satellite link?

To add my two cents in, the internet was developed by the DoD in order to 
have a reliable system of communication in the event of an nuclear war. 
So case in point, the internet will operate in the event of main power 

I am a Senior of Electrical Engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical 
University, and my senior design project is an UPS (Uninteruptable Power 
Supply) that will interface with a small school network of one server and 
9 computers. In the event of a main power failure, the inverter running 
on batteries will take over. The UPS will instruct the server to perform 
its shutdown process. If a large bank of batteries were to be used, the 
computer can be run indefinatly. 

Now, this does not mean that I am for Internet/Ham radio, in fact I am 
against it. If people want to have a Packet/Internet connection that 
allow one sending packet to be routed through the Internet, I think this 
is fine. But to attach an internet connection, to a repeater?, I am not to 
sure this is an efficient use of our hobby or the internet. The whole 
point of being an Ham is the fact that it is a challange to convey 
information thousands of miles away. 

By the way I am 28 years old and been a ham since the age of 19. I have 
worked MIR in Voice (Shannon Lucid) and Packet. Using 5 watts on a 
HTX-202 handy on an Radio Shack Discone Antena. So a little bit of luck 
was involved, but none the less, I achieved a connection.

Juan M. Segal
KC4JTR - Tech Plus
Graduating in 3 Days.