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Re: Internet/Satelite link?

I agree with David, in all aspects!  And I don't look at the Internet as
being part of Amateur Radio either even if a radio is involved at both ends
of a 'landline internet connection'.  I get the impression that those who
get excited over the internet for amateur radio interactions never built a
crystal set and don't have any technical hardware background to speak of.
You may not want to sit and read 300 names in front of a mike for health &
safety messages but using a wordprocessing package and packet radio will
take care of that issue.  Also, those that think cell phones and landlines
will even be operable during a major disaster had better get some RACES
training.  That internet connection will be the absolutely last thing Ma
Bell will devote time in bringing back up into operation when the lights go out.

BettyAnn, KC6ING

P.S. Survey says. . . I'm petite, pretty, under 50 and smart too!
>Steve Dimse K4HG wrote:
>> >You bet!  The Internet is NOT ham radio!!!
>> >
>> No, the internet is not ham radio. The internet grows every minute, while
>> ham radio continues to shrink. The internet is a shining star of
>> innovation, ham radio wallows in 20 year old technology. The internet is
>> full of bright teenagers, and ham radio is crammed with overweight
>> 50-somethings.
>I am neither overweight nor fifty-something, so I suggest you watch your
>generalizations.  As far as currect technology, well, my favorite mode is CW,
>so I guess I'm a detriment to ham radio.
>Sure, a person can use the Internet, Iridium, or several other modes to talk
>around the world. Those modes also require a bajillion dollar network
>supported by an army of people.  All I need to do that is a radio, a power
>source, a feedline, and a piece of wire.
>If getting on the Internet gives you the same satisfaction as breaking a
>pile-up to snag that rare DX country that is connected to you only by 10,000
>miles of open air, then you're in the wrong hobby.
>- David, W4HPW
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