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Re: Internet/Satellite link?

On 6/22/98 8:28 PM Phillip Cox (kc5amq@juno.com) wrote:

>So what happens when commercial power fails? The internet does not run on
>batteries so don't become too dependant on technology. Hams will still
>get the message through, even if we use CW. Everything else is practice,
>(FO-29 case in point). When the chips are down, will you be able to
>resurrect these "new fangled" forms of technology; or will you
>re-discover our purpose here according to part 95. Also bear in mind that
>with all the "new blood" in our hobby, there will still be a spirit for
>"exploring" The "old" world of communication.
This is one of the big misconceptions regarding the internet and 
emergency communications. Most disasters consist of an affect area 
surrounded by areas with normal infrastructure. The goal of ham radio is 
to provide tactical communications within the affected area, and well as 
link that area with the outside world.

After hurricane Andrew, my house still had phone service, yet I was close 
enough to the devastated areas to reach them on simplex. My house could 
have provided an internet link to mobile hams in that area. My APRServe 
Internet system provides the software tools to do exactly that...

Steve K4HG