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Re: Internet/Satelite link?

On 6/22/98 7:26 PM B1BLancer (b1blancr@gte.net) wrote:

>Steve Dimse K4HG wrote:
>> >You bet!  The Internet is NOT ham radio!!!
>> >
>> No, the internet is not ham radio. The internet grows every minute, while
>> ham radio continues to shrink. The internet is a shining star of
>> innovation, ham radio wallows in 20 year old technology. The internet is
>> full of bright teenagers, and ham radio is crammed with overweight
>> 50-somethings.
>I am neither overweight nor fifty-something, so I suggest you watch your
>generalizations.  As far as currect technology, well, my favorite mode is CW,
>so I guess I'm a detriment to ham radio.
I never said a single single thing bad about any aspect of ham radio. I 
too enjoy CW at times. But I also enjoy experimenting with spread 
spectrum, and linking ham radio with the internet. These are not mutually 
exclusive things. I object to people who say that ham radio needs to stay 
separate from the internet. 

I did not say ALL hams are 50, I only indicated the general 
characteristics of the population. If you doubt that, take a good look at 
the next hamfest (and be sure to exclude those that came for the computer 
vendors at the show). 

>If getting on the Internet gives you the same satisfaction as breaking a
>pile-up to snag that rare DX country that is connected to you only by 10,000
>miles of open air, then you're in the wrong hobby.
Personally, I don't find much satisfaction chasing DX. That does not mean 
I belittle those who do. I enjoy linking amateur radio with the internet, 
taking the best of both worlds. I'm in the right hobby, contrary to your 

Of course, if HF is the pinnacle of ham radio to you, you are lucky. That 
is the one part of ham radio that will survive regardless...no one wants 
those frequencies, so ham radio will always be there. I am more 
interested in the higher frequencies for satellite and digital 
communications, so the present state of affairs worries me.

Steve K4HG