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Re: Your idea

    > I have in my mind a device that will track with narrow spectrum a signal
    > within the defined boundary of doppler shift. Would this best take the
    > form of software or hardware?

    I'd think this would need to be a hardware solution, unless the device in
    question is a broadband receiver of some sort. Otherwise, the computer
    would need to be able to track the signal and compensate. The problem with

You might read up on AO-27 if you can, they do something like that already,
as one is instructed NOT to compensate for doppler on the uplink.  It is
both unnecessary on AO-27 and consumes additional bandwidth, a relatively 
scarce commodity in the 2 meter satellite sub-band.  Now, doing this at 70cm 
or above is going to be hardwr, of course, but i do know that AO-21 [s.k.] 
did FM reception in software (RUDAK).

				-- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)