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Re: MIR transmits UNUSEFUL data !

Lots deleted. 

I think the solution for the Mir problem is two things.

1) Get a tnc or a program that allows for multiple connects.

Most tncs can be programmed to allow for multiple connections. 
But like most terminal programs, your options after this are rather
limited. A program could handle up to about 40 tnc connections and
eat all of 640K running Dos on a laptop. I friendly solution might
be something along the lines of a chat server. Unproto mode would
probably be the mode of choice, using the craft to digipeat each
transmitted packet only once. Everyone could sign on and say hi. 
The right kind of program would make this easy. Of course, dos isn't
the only os this could be accomplished with, and with the right
programming, it could easily be done. 

2) A multiport TNC could handle simultaneous connections
   on two different freqs, and at different baud rates.

People thus using the craft to pass traffic could easily do so
by using the designated freq. Without displacing anyone else.
Every body is happy happy, and can say they've used it before.
Keep in mind, fun is the key, and let the guys on board have a 
chance to do something valid. Saying hi once or twice on a pass,
or making a direct comment to someone is alot easier, and they
wouldn't need to fight in order to do it. In the meantime, the
craft can pass traffic as normal, without the extra traffic making
it difficult.

73 de Curtis - kd4zkw