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Re: Your idea

On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, Phillip Cox wrote:

> I have in my mind a device that will track with narrow spectrum a signal
> within the defined boundary of doppler shift. Would this best take the
> form of software or hardware?

I'd think this would need to be a hardware solution, unless the device in
question is a broadband receiver of some sort. Otherwise, the computer
would need to be able to track the signal and compensate. The problem with
that is that it works for the ground station whose position is known, but
for the space vehicle, a determination of the particular station and
calculations for said same would be questionable. A sampling of a spread
spectrum signal would be adequate for some transmissions, but not adequate 
for most digital applications, especially where Inet is concerned. The
fact that mark and space tones need to be calibrated also comes to mind.

Understand that there are programs out there that work well in
compensation for doppler shift, but these are applicable only
to ground stations. Normally, a space vehicle transmits and receives
only on one frequency.

I am posting this to the list as well. Any other thoughts are welcome.

Curtis - kd4zkw