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RE: Internet/Satellite Link


You can see my picture in QST and The AMSAT Journal, so I cannot
tell a lie (this time): I'm 55 (43 years of which as a licensed amateur)
and could probably stand to lose a few more pounds.  So, if you don't
want to read this, I'll understand. But, for the others, or in case you
do, here goes:

The great thing to me about the argument that this thread has
stirred up is the wide variety of viewpoints which are being expressed.
Amateur radio is a great, widely diverse hobby consisting of many
wonderful people (OK, some aren't so wonderful, too, just like life)
with widely varying interests and abilities.  If we were all the same,
it just wouldn't be as much fun.

Rhubarbs are part of the fun, too: just ask a DXer about the new
country (sorry, the PC term nowadays is "entity") that he didn't think
should have been created (naturally, he didn't work it), or come over
to the IARU Satellite Forum at UoS and listen to some of the goings-on
that have taken place there over the years (when we had ours in
Canada last year, things were MUCH more civilized).

As an AMSAT officer, I'm reading many of the postings and am watching
with interest the directions in which the discussion goes.

I just have two requests of everyone::

1. Please bear in mind the legal restrictions under which amateur radio
operates, both in the US and overseas.  Legally, amateur radio is very
different from the Internet, and we must continue to operate in such a 
way as to protect our frequencies.  US readers not familiar with Part 97
should check it out.  Internationally, the rules are somewhat more
restrictive than in the US, especially as regards third-party traffic. 
out the AMSAT-NA/IARU "Background Information" paper on www.amsat.org,
and the IARU FASC reports which may be found on www.iaru.org or 

2.  Please, please, let's everybody avoid flaming each other out.  We're
all friends here; let's keep it that way.

Tnx & 73, Ray