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Re: Internet/Satelite link?

Steve Dimse K4HG wrote:

> >You bet!  The Internet is NOT ham radio!!!
> >
> No, the internet is not ham radio. The internet grows every minute, while
> ham radio continues to shrink. The internet is a shining star of
> innovation, ham radio wallows in 20 year old technology. The internet is
> full of bright teenagers, and ham radio is crammed with overweight
> 50-somethings.

I am neither overweight nor fifty-something, so I suggest you watch your
generalizations.  As far as currect technology, well, my favorite mode is CW,
so I guess I'm a detriment to ham radio.

Sure, a person can use the Internet, Iridium, or several other modes to talk
around the world. Those modes also require a bajillion dollar network
supported by an army of people.  All I need to do that is a radio, a power
source, a feedline, and a piece of wire.

If getting on the Internet gives you the same satisfaction as breaking a
pile-up to snag that rare DX country that is connected to you only by 10,000
miles of open air, then you're in the wrong hobby.

- David, W4HPW

"They shall mount up with wings, as eagles"  Isaiah 40:31

"All bathed in emerald, out of the mist arise, I see the stones appear, a
Cross before my eyes."

      from the CD "Heaven's Bright Sun"