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RE: Internet/Satelite link?

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> Steve Dimse K4HG
> Sent: Monday, June 22, 1998 7:41 AM
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> Subject: Re: Internet/Satelite link?
> >You bet!  The Internet is NOT ham radio!!!
> >
> No, the internet is not ham radio. The internet grows every
> minute, while ham radio continues to shrink.

Last I looked ham radio is growing at a rate of several
hundred new hams a week.  Since there is no way, other
than personal interviews, to tell how many existing licensees
are inactive how can you tell us how do you know that ham
radio is shrinking?

> The internet
> is a shining star of innovation, ham radio wallows in 20 year
> old technology. The internet is full of bright teenagers, and
> ham radio is crammed with overweight 50-somethings.

Since the FCC doesn't publish the DOB for hams how do you know
that we are "crammed with 50-somethings?"  From my experiences
most of the newly licensed techs are in their teens and early
twenties.  The internet is also full of trash that I wouldn't
let my teenager look at. (all in the name of "freedom" of whatever)
20 year old technology?  You need to get out more often and
subscribe to a few ham publications.  DSP is alive and well.
So what if we still use SSB, AM, RTTY, whatever.  Any "new"
digital communication method will still rely on some modulation
type such as FM, SSB or whatever.  Yes I know all about spread-
spectrum -- try to call CQ using spread-spectrum.  No one will
hear you.
> Please think about this before you start shouting "It isn't
> ham radio"...
> Steve K4HG

Gee, communicating with someone is "Outer Slabovia" using E-mail
or MS Internet Explorer(tm) is SOOOO exciting!  I'd much rather
take my chances on the air where there is at least some challenge
and skill required to pull one out of the noise.  Internet
ISN'T ham radio!

Kevin, WB5RUE