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Re: Internet/Satelite link?

On 22-Jun-98 xxx@nb.net wrote:
> Phillip Cox wrote:
>> OK.
>> Then why connect to MIR at all? Internet or otherwise? This is a crowded
>> hobby for a reason. It tells of what an individual can do with the
>> resources they are given. The magic of connecting to MIR, complicated as
>> it may be, is the fact you can do it at all, period.
>> Phillip Cox
>> kc5amq@juno.com
>> Proud to be a Ham! 
> You bet!  The Internet is NOT ham radio!!!

  Yes, God Forbid that we should actually use other resources to advance
the state of the art.  Why, the next thing you know, someone will want to
use some of those new-fangled computer thingys - and then have the gall to
say that they're part of amateur radio!

- Rich

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