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Wanted: Field Day Satellite Primer

We intend to run a satellite station in Field Day.

We have a Kenwood 790, and a pair of Cushcraft Oscar antennas up 10' on a
tripod, and Logsat on a Pentium laptop. Rotors by armstrong.
Not having had much experience with Modes B & J, we could use some input on
which are the most important birds on which to focus during FD, using 2m &

Also, the 2M antenna has separate horiz & vert driven elements. (440 not
arrived yet, may be same issue). Do we need to worry abt switching polarity
on the fly, or can we go one way or the other for extended periods by
manually switching feeds at antenna end? We may not want to tie up a 3rd
length of 9913, and we dont have a remote switch available.


73 et Gd Dx,
de WB1F