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Re: MIR transmits UNUSEFUL data !

Too bad amateur radio is dying. Can't use MIR because of the QRM, so
change the equipment requirements so only a few can afford the
components. Another rich hobby in the making. I haven't been able to
make ANY ham contact in a couple years, satelite, terrestial packet or
voice. Might as well tear up my license.

Alain De Carolis wrote:
> Dear OM's,
> I would like to say my point of view about the MIR voice/packet operations.
> MIR, as everyone on this list knows, operates on 145.985 FM. Packet is 1200
> Bd AFSK AX.25.
> With this configuration MIR is very easy to work because the needed
> equipment is very poor:  WRONG !!!
> Give a see at the attached file. It is the monitor window of last MIR pass
> over Europe.
> Well i have counted 140 BUSY flags on 160 packets received!
> This means that about 87% of the data trasmitted by MIR in a entire pass is
> totally UNUSEFUL.
> Noone were able to read or send a message (so what is the goal of that pms
> up there?).
> For who does not know what a busy means (I think that only very few people
> know it when i look at the monitor window...) it means that when you receive
> a "Busy fm R0MIR-1" it wants to tell you this: "I am BUSY at the moment,
> could you please stand-by and wait for your turn?". People seems to ignore
> this and immediately call again. Then, of course, they get again busy, so
> they try again and so on.
> The pass I have just recorded is not the worse. In fact the R0MIR digipeater
> was turned off. When the digi is ON there are all the neighbourhood stations
> saying "hello" and "how are you" to each other so the unuseful data sent
> rate is close to 100%.
> Voice operations are also difficult over high populated areas. In fact, for
> example, just few days before coming back Andy Thomas wrote: VOICE HAS BEEN
> Many of the cosmonauts do not like to the amateur radio on voice because of
> the confusion wich immediately starts. They just like to have a chat, not to
> manage a vk0ir-like pile-up.
> The idea that a easy access station onboard MIR allows all amateurs to work
> it is wrong. In fact currently only few amateurs have enought antenna gain
> and enought power to pass over the "QRM" and work without problems R0MIR.
> MIR is going to be destroyed in a short time. So it's too late to think
> about any change.
> We must think about the new ISS. I believe that a too popular amateur radio
> system is not a right choice. A
> less accessible one (eg. packet PSK and phone on UHF) would allow all the
> really interested hams to work the space station easily, and would cut off
> all the "just courious" and the trouble makers.
> Please let me know what is your impressions about this. Best 73's
> Alain De Carolis IZ6BYY (ex IW6PBC)
> e-mail iz6byy@amsat.org or alain@mdcom.it
> home page http://users.mdcom.it/alain
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