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Re: Mir de-orbiting.

Hi Will, I think the same thing has been tried when the shuttle comes back
down. As I recall no contacts were ever made. I do think that it can be
done, but you just have to have the correct timing.

73 Dave

At 06:51 AM 6/21/98 -0800, you wrote:
>        Greetings to all amateurs,
>I was wondering, I have heard of meteor-scatter and other modes of auroral
>propigation.  They have come to be common terms in ham radio now.  Is it, or
>would it be possible to do some improvised "Meteor scatter" off the
>disturbance caused by Mir station de-orbiting and burning up in the
>atmosphere?  I imagine that it would make quite a disturbace, considering
>it's size.  Just an idea to have fun with Mir one more time before we have
>to say goodbye.
>Will Anthony

       J. Dave Mayfield KB9BNR