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Re: MIR transmits UNUSEFUL data !

Hi again Peter,

Boy your name gets bantered around a bit these days my friend, Hi.

Peter, is there any Web sites that we can read on both PACSAT and DAMA systems
and possible download any software that might be available to test those
ideas, it would be interesting to play with a setup like this on the ground
too. It might also get a few more people interested in that system and how it
would work too.

I remember the DAMA during my time in Germany as I am sure many of the
American lads that was based there too and it did show that this was a very
good system and worked very well for me also. With now living in Wales, this
might help us with the many hidden stations due to the mountains we have here.
I often speak to the local people about been able to reduce to low power and
still be able to get great distances and good contacts with the DAMA system.
60 miles on 2.5 watts over rough terrain and many the other signals using a
lot higher power was impressive.

I still believe that Germany has one of the best Packet Networks I have seen
to date. It would be nice to see that sort of network operating in space to
increase and allow many more people to have that precious link to MIR in
space. I am sure that this will allow others to grow with confidence and move
forward onto Pacsats and satellites like Oscar 13 once was, and hopefully
Phase 3D will be in the coming months.

I am sure this system would have been ideal for MIR although it might need
some fine tuning from the ground, and this may be the idea system for new ISS
too, especially now with so many hidden transmitting stations all fighting for
repeated links. We have increased the opportunity to work space with digital
comms and voice too, now we need to improve the system in space to allow
better opportunities for everyone.

Thanks for the reminding us of the good systems that I am sure would help both
in space and on the ground too

C J Dixon
South Wales

In a message dated 20/06/98 09:59:39 GMT, you write:
<< All neccessary software and protocols are around for some year's for both
 the installation and the groundstation:
 - PACSAT Broadcast Protocol 
 - DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access)
 Both have been proofed to be highly efficient and are well accepted..  The
 protocol on nearly all PACSAT Satellites and DAMA on many terrestrial
Digipeater within 
 Europe..  MIR is nothing else than an high altitude digipeater where the
"hidden station" 
 problem is the largest problem...
 While the groundstation only needs a different AX.25 compatible DAMA-Slave
EPROM for 
 the TNC, the station in the ISS or MIR hardware needs to be upgraded since
 TNC's do not support either the Broadcast or DAMA (master)  protocol.
 A small Laptop computer (with the TNC in Kissmode) would have solved the
 there are also hardware solutions (TNC3 with TheNetNode, etc.) possible..
 But with the demise of the MIR station it is probably too late anyway..