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Re: MIR transmits UNUSEFUL data !

I agree with Alain on all aspects except on the ISS ideas.  Yes, MIR might
be a target for overwhelming QRM, but this easy accessiblity to packet has
allowed me to demonstrate to numerous non-hams how our hobby allows us to
communicate with spacecraft easily.  Making ISS harder to work will remove a
vital recruiting tool I use to bring in new hams.  Inexpensive antennas and
radios allow a new ham to have a touch first hand of the joy of working a
spacecraft whizzing overhead.

My 2 dits

Chris Johnson

We must think about the new ISS. I believe that a too popular amateur radio
>system is not a right choice. A
>less accessible one (eg. packet PSK and phone on UHF) would allow all the
>really interested hams to work the space station easily, and would cut off
>all the "just courious" and the trouble makers.
>Please let me know what is your impressions about this. Best 73's