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Re: What a wonderful sight it is.

Cool stuff :-)

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From: Phillip Cox <kc5amq@juno.com>
To: sarex@AMSAT.org <sarex@AMSAT.org>
Date: Wednesday, June 10, 1998 9:55 AM
Subject: What a wonderful sight it is.

>To All,
>I wanted to give my children something that would help them to understand
>and make sense of what their father had been following (and making such a
>big fuss over) for so long; all the news clips, books, videos, "special"
>radio equipment, and lots and lots of E-mail. In honor of possibly the
>last American journey to MIR, I made a special effort to show them what
>would prove to be an absolutely wonderful sight to behold. And it was.
>Not knowing what to expect, we positioned ourselves in a field with the
>truck's radio's tuned to listen for, and alert us to the coming
>spectacle. Right on time! Just as AMSAT's keps had predicted. At
>01:48:23, "Bleeep!" The radio blurted out its warning. Packet came across
>loud and clear as we peered into the twilight above Utica, NY. A few
>stars had satisfied the imaginations of a 9 and a 10 year old, until,
>"That one to the right. It's MOVING!" Unexplicably, a sight these three
>had never seen before. It captured their imaginations, the same as SKYLAB
>did for their father, once a boy looking skyward. I know (and hope) the
>flood of questions heard tonight will not stop for a good long while. One
>or more of these boy's may work some day on the ISS. If we can keep this
>generation's ambitions fed with intrigue and mysteries to be solved...
>"DAD! LOOK! Another one behind it!" I could not believe it. The Shuttle
>too. Still there, trailing behind as described the night before; (Thanks
>Mr. Costa). So even though I never did get a chance over the years to
>hear my call returned, or get the '88 set up in time, I have something to
>give my children even more valuable than bragging rights - a life long
>burning desire to know more about what's out there. We have ALL taken
>things a little too personal lately. Mr Miles, I hope you still have an
>impact on our hobby long into the future no matter where you are. I would
>hate to loose a resource like you. We should all bare in mind that this
>is not an occupation for most of us. And that we are not here for
>personal gains only. I try in my community to bring the benefits of our
>endeavors to the children in any way possible. I have given of myself to
>help teach classes and to hold club meetings in schools across the
>country. I have opened my shack to the local kids with no remorse. I have
>made a general commitment of myself, disabled, and otherwise encouraged
>to keep to myown, to always share and  to impact my world in positive
>ways. Whatever they may be. However I may. It takes a lot of energy to do
>so. I am proud of what I have done. I challenge those of you who feel
>they may have reason not to, to reconsider your interest in this great
>hobby of ours. My children have their hearts set. They know what they CAN
>do in this world. Gentlemen, THAT, is what we are here for. Not to prove
>what WE can accomplish, but to make a way for our next generations to
>survive and thrive.Phillip Coxkc5amq@juno.comProud to be a Ham!
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