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Visible pass!

Hi All,

Sorry about the using up the bandwidth for this but it was so fabulous, I
had to share this!

At 22:55 Pacific Daylight Savings time, We finally have clear skies here in
Northern California... As always, I heard the packet data stream come up on
my radio, I knew that this would be a visible pass... I went out and look to
the North West skies. I could see MIR coming into view... I have seen both
the MIR and the Shuttle fly over many times in past missions, but this was
the first time I was able to see the Shuttle trailing the MIR by about 5
seconds(my guess is an aprox. 500 mile gap). It was nothing short of

Since I was able to view the First mission as they passed over my home 3
years ago, This was a great moment in history for me. I am grateful to be
able to communicate with the MIR and see the 2 of them close together for
the last time. I am truly sorry to see the MIR/SHUTTLE program end but I
know that bigger and better things will come in the near future.

73's to All

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