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Outstandig View

Hi Shuttle/MIR fans

I was monitoring MIR packet PMS (between 2214-2224z)
when an idea crossed my mind: check if MIR was visible!
And it was! There it was, the tiny dot moving so fast, so smooth.
I was so absorved by that I didn't pay attention to the other dot
behind. In a fraction of second I knew what it was: the shuttle!
What an outstanding view!!! It was so exciting as when I saw MIR the 1st
I tracked both for a minute and then, when the were about to reach 
maximum elevation, they fade in the dark...
WOW, what a night!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. Sorry, I know it's a bit out topic, but I had to share this
     with you. At least I know you understand what I'm feeling. Thanks!