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Re: Miles Mann and SSTV

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From: Bruce Bostwick <lihan@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu>
To: Krin135@aol.com <Krin135@aol.com>; frank.bauer@gsfc.nasa.gov
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Date: Sunday, June 08, 1997 11:23 PM
Subject: Re: Miles Mann and SSTV

>At 07:42 AM 6/7/98, Krin135@aol.com wrote:
>>In a message dated 98-06-03 23:52:42 EDT, frank.bauer@gsfc.nasa.gov
>>While Mr. Mann may be a doer, and someone who should be brought back into
>>fold AS A TEAM MEMBER so that his unique talents may be UTILIZED, but as a
>>solo act, he is going to be limited in what he can accomplish, and not
>>due to "protocols" and "international cooperation." It is still true that
>>"individuals" don't launch rockets into space.
>And, to go even further, when individuals DO launch rockets into space, the
>protocols we follow will be even more important, since there is very little
>room in the spectrum and we have to use it in a creative, cooperative, and
>positive manner.  To do anything else will get us kicked out of the space
>business permanently ... I agree that SSTV from space is a really good
>idea, but I'd rather see it done (and it can be!) in accordance with all
>the appropriate ITU regulations so it's compatible with everything else.
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