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Just Worked Andy, one day left !

Andy, VK5MIR, is not off air just yet anyway.  I just worked him at 0135z.
He described his tremendous view across Australia from the SW to NE (great
salt lakes etc..).  The shuttle is still docked with MIR.  I think he said
they undock tomorrow.  He was trying to make as many final voice contacts as
possible in the short time left to him. I thanked Andy for the pleasure he
has given to so many of us around the world and said that we would miss him;
he replied that he has enjoyed it too and thanked us for the fun we have
given HIM !

I asked if, after he has left, whether we could expect to make a few
contacts with the Russian Cosmonauts, but he doubted it because their
English is not too good.  Looks like anyone who wants Mir on voice after
tomorrow will have to brush up on their Russian !  Maybe if someone who
speaks Russian could call them and talk them into just giving signal reports ?

73 all & I hope the needy catch vk5mir today or tomorrow
Chris vk6bik