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Re: Miles Mann and SSTV

At 07:42 AM 6/7/98, Krin135@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 98-06-03 23:52:42 EDT, frank.bauer@gsfc.nasa.gov writes:
>While Mr. Mann may be a doer, and someone who should be brought back into the
>fold AS A TEAM MEMBER so that his unique talents may be UTILIZED, but as a
>solo act, he is going to be limited in what he can accomplish, and not just
>due to "protocols" and "international cooperation." It is still true that
>"individuals" don't launch rockets into space.

And, to go even further, when individuals DO launch rockets into space, the
protocols we follow will be even more important, since there is very little
room in the spectrum and we have to use it in a creative, cooperative, and
positive manner.  To do anything else will get us kicked out of the space
business permanently ... I agree that SSTV from space is a really good
idea, but I'd rather see it done (and it can be!) in accordance with all
the appropriate ITU regulations so it's compatible with everything else.

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