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Re: Miles Mann and SSTV

In a message dated 98-06-03 23:52:42 EDT, frank.bauer@gsfc.nasa.gov writes:

 Miles Mann has embarked on a plan to put his own SSTV experiment on MIR.
 Using equipment that was on loan to MIREX, he has tried to get United States
 suppliers and NASA contractors to use official channels to ship his
 hardware.  They refused.

Please note: As mostly a lurker on this group, I make no claim to being an
expert on the persons or committees involved. I also have no ax to grind.
After reading all of the pros and cons of the above arguments, I find this to
be the key point.

Mr. Mann, for what ever reason, is no longer associated with SAREX/MIREX. He
is trying to get equipment that he does not legally control to a place that he
is not authorized to be. The last time I looked, this was considered at least
larceny (and probably grand larceny, depending on the value of the goods and
services). This is true even if he had donated the SSTV equipment to MIREX in
the first place, and has chosen to withdraw that equipment.

While Mr. Mann may be a doer, and someone who should be brought back into the
fold AS A TEAM MEMBER so that his unique talents may be UTILIZED, but as a
solo act, he is going to be limited in what he can accomplish, and not just
due to "protocols" and "international cooperation." It is still true that
"individuals" don't launch rockets into space.


Charles S. Krin, DO FAAFP
Member, PGBFH