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RE: ROMIR active on phone over Europe

R0MIR is heard over the last two weeks when passing Russia.
The frequencies are 145.935 MHz, 145.940 MHz, 145.975 MHz. mode FM.
operator on board uses a phone patch interconnect "Zitron" to connect to
terrestrial network.
Any one who has full info , please , send your comments.

Using this chance , I send my regards to every one from 4k land
-Azerbaijan Radio Society.

4K6DFM Vlad 
Azerbaijab, Baku


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> Subject:	ROMIR active on phone over Europe
> Hello Everyone 
> I just heard R0MIR active on phone over Russia at 20.38utc of today 2
> June.
> Someone up there called in russian and had a QSO with another russian
> station.
> 73's
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