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Andy Thomas on VOICE!

I just had a fantastic QSO with Andy 6/5/95 @ 2155 UTC on 145.985 MHz . 
He was calling W5RRR, after calling three times without a reply I offered
to call them for his next pass.  He thanked me and said they probably
wouldn't be there.  I asked him what he would first do when he got back. 
He replied he would take a hot shower because he was only using no rinse
shampoo and body wash.  I thanked him for the QSO and told a lot of other
hams wanted to speak with him, and to try to pick out a callsign.  I then
told him I thought that the VK5MIR callsign was great, and to please
repeat may callsign KD4SFF.  He commented that the VK5 call was neat and
signed with me KD4SFF.  He also worked WH6LR, AA2DR, called to N3SZX with
no responce, N8YKG, and then WFIF. 
He thanked Miles for his support , and all the other hams.  It was great
to speak to the last American aboard MIR!
73 & good luck,
Experimenters Group ARC / AMSAT Area Coordinator / kd4sff@amsat.org

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