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Re: Miles Mann and SSTV

>> In response to your worries about the future of Amateur Radio in Space,
>> based on the way you present your case, I think they are unfounded.
>>  As a practicing Satellite Radio Amateur that I am, I think that if Mr.
>> Miles Mann has the hardware  for his SSTV Experiment ready to fly, you
>> everybody else should be helping him instead of getting in the way.

Getting in the way?  If you were to call the amateur radio authority in your
ITU reigon, and tell them that rules and procedure get in the way, what do
you think they'd say?  Bandplans and self-policing are there for a reason.
So that people that like to do one thing do not interfere with someone like
themselves, that may like to do somthing else.  I am willing to bet that if
you were working MIR on packet, and I came across on voice "just doing it"
you would scream bloody murder.  We have to be civil, and we have to respect
gentleman's agreements.  Otherwise, we're going to end up like (at least in
the US anyways) 11 meters.  The CB band is filthy.. and certain parts of out
HF bands are too.  Those things are not okay.. They put ALL AMATEURS in a
bad light.  So for the posterity of all, I at least go along with the rules.
Voluntary or not.

>> Mr. Mann strikes me as a doer.

Being a doer is good for alot of things.  I am a doer.  I "just did it" and
got into ham radio.  I love it!  But being a "doer" sould never interfere
with rules, and moreso, laws.  If I have to wait who-knows-how-long for SSTV
in the ISS, because putting it in the MIR station would be a bandplan
nightmare, I will.  Because I am a ham, and we know what is right and wrong
for the hobby.

Thank you all,

Will - KD7AHV
The Opposite of Love is not Hate, but Indiffrence.

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