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Andy Thomas over Europe, again!

Hi MIR fans

Andy Thomas is realy a HAM!
Even during a busy space period like this, 
he show up on the radio to have a chat with us. 
It was just a few minutes ago (between 2310-2320z 04Jun)
he appear on 145.985. It was loud and clear, and from 
his voice I could guess he was very happy and excited! (I was too :)
At AOS he was in qso with a NA station, and as soon as Europe
come on his range, the QRM raised... He complained a bit, but
even so he was able to pick a G station and made a short qso.
Then a "long silence" (I guess he wasn't able to pick anybody)
So I called too. And got an imediatly reply! YES 
I just wanted to say HI, but then I didn't resisted to ask him
a question: if he was coming to EXPO98?
He said he wanted to come but probably he will not due reabilitation
He also said: "I'm looking forward to be on the ground, too!" (Guess why
Then I said thanks for all his support to ham radio on MIR,
and wished him a good and safe return home.
He went QRT for moments (trying to pick more call's)
but he wasn't able to get any full call until my LOS.

Moral: If you didn't make a qso with him yet, don't give up!
Improve your station and be there on every pass you can!
Until he return home, you still have a chance!

Good Luck!!! 

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT