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Re: Did I Hear MIR

It sounds to me like you did hear Mir. From what you have said you could
not get a QSL, as you did not hear a callsign, and as such you don't know
if you heard Mir. And that is of course the reason for your message, right?

A QSL is to confirm, either a contact or a reception report. In order to
qualify for a QSL, you need the following. 

1. Call sign of station heard/worked.
2. Time of day you heard or worked the station.
3. Frequency contact/heard was on.
4. RST.

You do have three out of the four, but the callsign is most important, and
that you lack.

Good luck and keep trying, you can copy MIR almost daily, also listen to
143.625 WFM, you will hear Mir on this frequency talking to ground

At 10:55 AM 6/4/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Could anyone tell me if I received MIR last night(3rd June)
>While listening on 145.937.5Fm at 21:00utc and at a signal strength of 3 to
>I listened to words spoken,I assume in Russian,at the same time in between
>there was a packet repeater,I could only here the Russian side of the
>The signal only lasted about 8 minutes and faded to nothing,which also tied
>in with
>my satellite tracking software for Mir,Was this mir I heard?.
>If this was Mir,Could I send for a Qsl card to confirm I have listened to
>Does anyone know the Qsl address info?.
>Thanks in advance for any replies
       J. Dave Mayfield KB9BNR