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STS-91 in Portugal


You probably not belive it, 
but STS-91 mission has a massive media coverage in Portugal
Even bigger than the first space shuttle launch! Why??? 
Well, because our scientist's made a major contribution to
one onboard experience (AMS), and also because Discovery is
carrying our flag and a XV century map, to honour Vasco da Gama, 
who discovered the maritime route to India 500 years ago! 
But (for me) more exciting than that is the fact that STS-91 crew 
(in person) will bring those items back to us! 
The event is scheduled to take place next August, on EXPO98 (Lisbon)!
So, if you plan to visit the last world exibition this century
and whould like to see astrounauts live, don't miss this oportunity!
See you there!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. I just hope Andy Thomas will come too and sign my 
    (future) qsl, of our contact during his stay on MIR ;)