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STS-79 qso List

Hi SAREX fans

So far this is all I got:

                    Call    Worked             Day   UTC
Launch 16th 					      
		    KD4SFF  KC5TZQ, John Blaha 18th  0855
		    CT1EAT  KC5TZQ, John Blaha 18th  1045 
MIR docking 19th
		    VE6ITV  KC5TIE, Carl Walz  20th  1613 
		    W8ZCF   N5QWL,  Jay Apt    22th  0929	
                    KK5DO   KC5TZQ, John Blaha 23th  1635
MIR Undocking 24th
Landing 26th

I also had a report from Graham, ZS5GMT who said he 
"had a brief chat with one of the Shuttle mission operators 
but did not bother to claim" the qsl. 
I guess only now he realised he was one of the lucky 12...

Many thanks to all who responded

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT