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Fly Your QSL on Phase 3-D--Corrected


Pardon the bandwidth for those who have already seen it, but the attached
forwarded from the AMSAT News Service for your information:

======= ATTENTION Radio Amateurs Worldwide ===========
                     Fly Your QSL Card on Phase 3D !

Here is your chance to be a part of the Phase 3D satellite program
and put your QSL card into orbit!  AMSAT-NA is collecting QSL cards,
which will be scanned and converted into digital images. These images
will then be saved onto a computer CD-ROM, which will be secured
to the Phase 3D spacecraft and launched with P3D. Your QSL card
will get a ride into orbit along with the Phase 3D satellite!

AMSAT-NA is suggesting a minimum donation of $25.00 (US). Proceeds
from the 'Fly Your QSL on Phase 3D' campaign will be used in offsetting
the overall P3D program costs.

This is a limited time offer and subject to any restrictions imposed by
any (future) launch announcement or launch timetable.  AMSAT-NA
is suggesting cards be sent in as soon as possible.

If you want to fly your QSL card on Phase 3D, send your QSL card
and donation to:

     Fly Your QSL on Phase 3D
     c/o AMSAT-NA
     850 Sligo Avenue, Suite 600
     Silver Spring, MD  20910-4703

Checks or money orders should be made out to 'AMSAT'. Please
do not send cash.

More information on the 'Fly Your QSL Card' program is available by
calling the AMSAT-NA headquarters at (301) 589-6062. Details are
also available on the AMSAT-NA web site at http://www.amsat.org/


Keith Baker, KB1SF
Executive Vice President