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SSTV Experiment onboard MIR

SSTV Experiment onboard MIR

At first one general statement from the German
SAFEX team:

We appreciate all activities of radio-amateurs 
for manned space- flight, however, these 
activities must be discussed and coordinated 
internationally. If these rules are not 
followed, no support from our side can be 

>From Miles Mann a SSTV experiment is prepared 
to be installed in the spacestation MIR. To us 
this seems not coordinated sufficiently. 
Particularly the proposed frequencies do not 
correspond to the international rules of the 
IARU regions 1 (TelAviv) and 2 (Toronto) for 
manned space-flights.

      This matter will have to be talked about
      at the ARISS Meeting coming up 

The following frequencies are provided for this 

A)  435.050, 435.075, 435.100, 435.150 MHz 
B)  437.900, 437.975 MHz 
C)  144.325 MHz

The frequencies from line A) do not correspond 
to the given rules from Toronto and disturbances 
of other ham radio satellites can occur, especially 
after launch of the satellite AMSAT Phase 3D.

The frequencies from line B) disturb the SAFEX 
equipment on the spacestation MIR, because the 
Notch part of the duplex filter is very narrow.

The frequency from line C) is a frequency for 
terrestrial application and is used very often. 
This application is against to all actual 

We are not able to support the SSTV project in 
the submitted form.

Thomas Kieselbach, DL2MDE
Joerg Hahn, DL3LUM

    SAFEX Team