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Finally I got my STS-79 qsl card!!!

Hi SAREX fans

I got today my STS-79 qsl! I'm realy thrilled!!!
It represents my second voice qso with the Space Shuttle
and it's also a "unique piece of collection"!
About it, Frank Bauer said (to Tom KC5MXA) last 4th January:

> If you recall, the STS-79 mission was a very busy one for the astronauts.
> Unfortunately, they had very little time to make many SAREX QSOs.  Only
> about 12 actual contacts were made on this flight.  As a result, the SAREX
> Working Group decided to use a modified W5RRR QSL card for this mission,
> instead of spending hundreds of dollars printing up new cards just for
> STS-79.  That is why you got the modified W5RRR card.  

So, now I'm wondering: exactly how many we are???
If you are among them (or know who is) please drop me an email
with your call, call worked, date and UTC. 
I will make a list and post it here later. 
Thanks in advance!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT