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Hi Bill

Thanks for your mail.  I must admit that I also questioned that comment when
I read it.  I find that much of my ham activities are only done a few times,
"just to do it".  Once it's "old hat", I often move on to try something
else.  Sure, some activities, like speaking on 2 metres while mobile, are
repeated again and again.

Anyway, I still find working Mir on packet (I've not yet managed a voice
contact) quite fascinating.  I still connect when I get the chance, mostly
just for the fun of "doing it", as there's very little I can read on the
PMS, and I've not yet had a reply from those lucky guys on the station.

I used to love it a few years ago when we could send each other private
messages via Mir, but I understand the problems and respect the fact that
it's not what the Mir PMS is primarilly used for now.

Fortunately we here in South Africa don't have many people trying to use
Mir, so the QRM problem isn't bad.  It's probably one of the few benefits of
having a small number of hams in a large country, with even fewer hams in
neighbouting countries to the north and lots of sea on the other three sides
(east, west and south) - HI.

I hope I'm not going to offend anyone, but I intend to still work Mir on
packet when I get the chance, but following the obvious "rules" regarding
consideration to others trying to connect, etc.  I also intend to continue
promoting Mir packet operation to others, as I have done in the past.  I'd
like others to experience the thrill of working a LEO manned satellite, with
very modest equipment.  My first Mir contacts were with a 5 watt handheld
connected to a home made J pole antenna, and using a simple "Baycom" modem.

Ray (ZS6RSW)

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Thanks for (yes, another.....) good summary on the MIR PMS operations.

We are amatuer radio operators AND DO use our hobby 'just to do it'.
MIREX is part of that hobby, if it isn't, it really shouldn't exist.  I
think we NEED to encourage people to JUST DO IT, but... because of the
nature of limited resources and almost unlimited QRM, an especially
and courteous AND KNOWLEDEABLE use is indicated.  I'm sure that is what you
meant in one of the DON'Ts:

	DON'T Connect to R0MIR-1 "just to do it".

Maybe the first time, it's fine "just to do it", but again, in
consideration of others trying to connect, and the crew, limit your
'unnecessary' connects.

Bill, NI3E