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At 03:40 PM 5/17/98, Jim Wilcox wrote:
>Thanks to everyone who replied to my question regarding TDRS.  They have
>such a huge footprint that it would be great to be able to have a channel
>or two on there for amateur use.  Perhaps one day NASA could be persuaded
>to give us some space on them.

Well, that's complicated.  I guess the best description of the TDRSS birds
would be "flying Internet routers" .. not that they use IP, of course, but
the concept is very similar.  Probably the closest that amateurs would get
to TDRSS would be as an emergency backup data/control link to an amateur

I wouldn't pin any hopes on getting to "work" one of them, anyway -- you
have to have connections to NASA to be able to do that, and even then ..

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