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Re: Feed horn for 10ft dish

At 12:31 PM 5/13/98, Christopher R. Nighswonger wrote:
>Does anyone know of a design for a 2m/70cm feed horn for a 10 foot dish?  I
>have recently acquired one and want to use it for a variety of freqs.  Please
>reply direct as well as to the mailing list as I am not yet subscribed to
>amsat-bb, only sarex.

The 1998 ARRL Handbook has a good section on EME and satellite antennas,
one of which is a parabolic dish with a 70cm helical feed.  Can't exactly
remember what the size of the dish was, although 10 feet should be plenty
for 70cm.  Waveguide-type feeds work better at much higher frequencies,
like 2.4-10 GHz.  I doubt 2 meters will be practical with a dish -- you'd
be much better off with a phased Yagi array.

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