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Re: Mir packet info please


You need to have a TNC (Terminal Node Controller) which formats the data
into frames that can be read with just a terminal program such as Procomm
Plus or the terminal program for Windows.  The TNC is a piece of hardware
that connects between the Radio and the Computer.  There are several that
are commercially available.  Moderately priced at around $130 US.  

The AX.25 Protocol is the actual handshaking format that the TNCs use to
communicate with each other and is downloadable from ARRL if you're
interested in the actual format.


Mike KI7AB

>Be grateful for some basic  advice (or info where available)
>re display of Mir packet tx's......I am 'Ok' on Mir tracking and RX on
>...ie I have the packet audio from a  rx 
>   My query :
>What is the 'format' of the packet ? 
>What do I need to display the packet contents on my PC? 
>( I have JVFAX and HAMCOMM software - will they work ??
>ie I can process FAX,SSTV,RTTY,CW and AMTOR)
>Thanks - Pete - UK