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Re: sattelite tracking

Ryan, I don't mind seeing your posts but isn't there something that can
be don about the HTML?

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On Wed, 06 May 1998 12:31:42 -0600 Ryan Dorman <kc7ypj@pdt.net> writes:
>Just go to my home page and follow the KC7YPJ links.
><P>Richard wrote:
><BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;<FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT SIZE=-1>hello 
>all,</FONT></FONT>&nbsp;<FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT SIZE=-1>could
>some one tell me wich is a good tracking program to track the 
>satelite's.</FONT></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT SIZE=-1>at
>this moment i am using Winorbit. it looks good but i don't trust the 
>in its accuracy.</FONT></FONT><FONT SIZE=-1>my OS= win95&nbsp; hd=2x 
>2.1gig</FONT>&nbsp;<FONT SIZE=-1>pse
>an internet adres to download would be fine to (i can not use 
><CENTER><FONT SIZE=-1>73's and thanks for reading.</FONT></CENTER>
><CENTER><FONT SIZE=-1>callsign: not yet</FONT></CENTER>
><CENTER><FONT SIZE=-1>&nbsp;&nbsp; name: richard</FONT></CENTER>
><CENTER><FONT SIZE=-1>&nbsp; locator: jo33gd</FONT></CENTER>
><CENTER><FONT SIZE=-1>e-mail: <A 
><BR>KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman
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