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Re: sattelite tracking

I am using STSPlus.  It works great and is used by a lot of folks at NASA and other government orgs. Here is the URL for Dave Ransom's homepage (he wrote this software): http://www.dransom.com/  This software is highly accurate.
73 Chris ku4dd
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From: Richard <Richard.Middel@hetnet.nl>
To: sarex@AMSAT.org <sarex@AMSAT.org>
Date: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 5:06 AM
Subject: sattelite tracking

hello all,
could some one tell me wich is a good tracking program to track the satelite's.
at this moment i am using Winorbit. it looks good but i don't trust the program in its accuracy.
my OS= win95  hd=2x 2.1gig
pse an internet adres to download would be fine to (i can not use ftp)
73's and thanks for reading.
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