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MIR 1908 UTC pass over Austin, TX

Just heard MIR on simplex during the 1908 UTC pass over Austin, TX.
Receiver is a TH-79A with a 1/4 wave MFJ magmount antenna on the roof of my
car (didn't have time to hook up the whip to my HT because www.acs.ncsu.edu
is using obsolete Keps and my pass predictions were about 10 minutes off!)
but the signal was S9 and full quieting.  Heard a couple of brief
transmissions on the SAFEX machine too, but the real action was on PMS.

Not sure who the operator was since I didn't hear a callsign, but had a
vaguely Australian accent.  If I'd heard a "QRZ" I might have jumped in ;-)

so, do I get a QSL card?  ;-)

73 y'all

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           Bruce Bostwick  KD5BIV    Austin, TX  Grid EM10DH
                Technician Class Amateur Radio Operator
      ARRL / Austin ARC / Austin Repeater Org. / Travis Co. ARES
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