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Re: STS-90 End of Mission

Thanx to ALL the great folks who make this possible for all us.  I had the
opportunity to show this to a friend who didn't know this kind of thing was
available to the common man, and he was AMAZED.  (Then I tracked MIR, and
showed him the packet downlink in real time.  I wish I could post a picture
of his mouth hanging open; didn't have a camera handy.)  Couldn't do it
without you guys.  And best wishes to you, Dave, for a speedy recovery.  :-)

At 11:35 AM 5/3/98 -0500, you wrote:

>This concludes our STSTLE service for Mission STS-90. Special
>thanks to the DOD C-Band Radar Network, Dave Simonson and his
>colleagues, for the state vectors.
>My special thanks to Ken Ernandes and David Cottle for covering for
>me while I recover from major surgery!

>                David Cottle        Sydney, Australia
>                Ken Ernandes        Long Island, New York
>                Dave Ransom         Sedona, Arizona
>David H. Ransom, Jr.   Email:rans7500@spacelink.nasa.gov
Larry, KL7IBV in Wisconsin 
kl7ibv<at>amsat.org  or  Packet: kl7ibv@ka9jac
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