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Re: Finding Your Grid Square.

>This file must be converted with binhex 4.0
>What is binhex 4.0?

Sorry, my goof -- I wasn't aware that my mail client was going to encode
it. ;-)  My mistake ... here's the raw ASCII text version:

=========================== begin ===========================
deg.    N/S     min.    deg.    E/W     min.
30      N       19      97      W       44      grid    E       M       1
0       D       H
deg.X                   =CODE(I2)-64    pos2            =CODE(H2)-64
=INT(A3/10)+1   pos2            =INT(D3/20)+1   pos1                    =K2
pos4            =J2     pos3
=INT(A3-(INT(A3/10)*10))        pos4
=INT((D3-(INT(D3/20)*20))/2)    pos3                    =CODE(M2)-64
pos6            =CODE(L2)-64    pos5
=INT((A3-INT(A3))*24)+1 pos6            =INT((D3/2-INT(D3/2))*24)+1
pos5                    =MIN(MAX(((H3-1)*10)+H4+((H5-1)/24),0),180)
deg.Y           =MIN(MAX((((K3-1)*20)+K4*2+((K5*2-1)/24)),0),360)

(A6+64))                                    lat/lon =INT(ABS(H6-90))
=IF((H6>90),"N","S")    =(H6-INT(H6))*60        =INT(ABS(K6-180))
=IF((K6<180),"W","E")   =IF((K6<180),(1-(K6-INT(K6)))*60,(K6-INT(K6))*60)
=========================== end ===========================

If you load the above text (don't include the begin/end bars, of course!)
into your spreadsheet (Excel, etc.) and if I used the right math functions,
it will load as a grid conversion calculator.  You can then save it as a
native format file with borders, column width settings, etc.

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