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NASA TV World Wide

Quite some time ago someone on this list asked about NASA TV in 
Europe, South America or Australia.  I don't know if the availability 
has been resolved since.  But in the mean time I came across what 
follows.  Although "reflectors" are not on every continent, there 
should be no reason why one *anywhere* in the world with Internet 
access cannot enjoy the program to some extent now.    

>From http://spacelink.nasa.gov/.index.html and 

NASA Television Coverage on CU-SeeMe 

NASA TV CU-SeeMe feed into the Internet - NASA Lewis Research Center 

     In North America, the NTV reflectors are: 
 at the NASA Lewis Research Center 
 at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 
 at the NASA Ames Research Center 
 at Kent State University 
 at Northwestern University 
 at Iowa State University 
 at Northern Arizona University 
 at ITESM University Information Center-Library, 

     In Europe, the NTV reflectors are: 
 at Østfold Regional College in Norway 
 at Lund University in Sweden 
 at Ecole Superieure de Mecanique de Marseille in France 
 at International Space University, Strasbourg Central 
                       Campus in France 

     In Asia, the NTV reflectors are: 
 at Tung Nan Junior College of Technology, Taipei, 
 at A-Sync Co. Ltd. in Japan 

See also info at http://shuttle.nasa.gov/ntv/schedule.html, 
http://garc.gsfc.nasa.gov/www/garc-home-page.html, and 

I think NASA TV is available via RealPlayer as well, although I'm 
not sure if parts of it are necessarily broadcast in real time or 
"near" real time.  

You can get the CU-SeeMe video conferencing software for your Mac or 
PC at http://cu-seeme.cornell.edu/.  A camera is NOT required to 



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