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thank you.

as many of you stated I have recieved more than enough copies of
the missing dll (17 at the time of this msg.) please do not send
any more files as trying to get 19meg thru a pop3 server is
imposible. I retrieved 3 of them then had to set the download
block on any msgs over 100k
14 of these dll's now reside on my isp's server (I truly
understand the quote "look before you leap"
now, I'll have to talk my isp into removing the rest. hi hi ..)
Again I would like to thank all of the people who responded, next
time I think I will find out if anybody has it then ask 1 person
for the file. Thanks again.

KC7YPJ, Ryan Dorman
QTH: Victor ID, grid# DN431c
ICQ #3834602