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Re: Dayton Hamvention AMSAT Dinner

Should one expect a response from Ed if the reservation was received, or just
trust that we are on the list?
Mark D. Johns, K0MDJ (formerly WA0RGV) Cedar Falls, Iowa     EN32sm
 "Heaven goes by favour.  If it went by merit, you would
    stay out and your dog would go in." -- Mark Twain

Keith Baker wrote:

> Greetings!
> Several of you have expressed a desire to attend the AMSAT (r) dinner at
> the Dayton Hamvention(r), but were unsure of where to send your request for
> a reservation.
> Ed Collins, N8NUY, is the person who is ably handling this task for us.
> Those interested in attending the dinner should (quickly) contact Ed with
> your name, call and number of people in your party at:
>         "edcollins@att.worldnet.net"
> Once you have registered with Ed online, we also ask that you re-confirm
> that reservation with Ed at our AMSAT booth at Hamvention sometime before
> mid-afternoon on Friday.  This will help give us a more accurate final head
> count to pass along our hosts.
> I am looking forward to seeing many of you there!
> 73,
> Keith Baker, KB1SF
> Executive Vice President