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MIREX UPDATE 28 April 1998

                                                   M I R E X  U P D A T E

28 April 1998

On 27 April just hours before the school APRS test, there was a "strange"
failure with the TNC. The TNC is now working. The MIREX team has been
able to check out the health of the TNC, and all looks OK!

MIREX has been informed that Andy Thomas requests that stations don't
packets while he is on voice. It is suggested that you monitor the audio
on frequency (145.985) on the passes to see if you hear anything before
you try connection to MIR's PBBS R0MIR-1. If you can't monitor the
on an external speaker, try looking at your S-meter to see if there is a
steady signal in opposed to short packets. If in doubt, listen first.

MIREX regrets and can emphasize with all the hard work from all the 
volunteers that spent countless hours to make the test work!

There will be another update on the results of the test once all the
information has been compiled.

73, Scott WA6LIE

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