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RE: School Test continues 28th!


I am a ham radio operator KC5DJK and I teach a high school technology
class.  We are using WinSat, a scanner with a discone antenna inside the
building to try to catch the downlink of the MIR or some other
Satellite.  My scanner only goes from 30 Mhz to 512 Mhz.  So far we have
been unable to monitor any satellites.  I realize the antenna should be
outside and we can take the radio and antenna outside but we currently
need the downlink frequencies for voice communications on the MIR, plus
any others which would prove interesting.  We would welcome any

73 de
John Davis
E-mail:  007JD084@fortbend.k12.tx.us

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> Subject: 	School Test continues 28th!
> Its working today.  We say 18 schools so far and some in Europe
> EA4RCT-5, ON1APG and F1RFH.  MIREX team has authorized the School Day
> test
> to continue through the 28th.
> See http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/mirex.html