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April 27, Mirex Experiment Day in Paltamo High School (Paltamon ylšaste ja lukio)

April 27, Mirex Experiment Day in Paltamo High School (Paltamon yläaste ja

Operators: Maaria (YL) OH8HEA, Tanja (YL) OH8HDL and Kalevi OH8HEF and
Markku (teacher) OH8UV
from Paltamo High School, KP34VJ.
We were using call OH8UV.
Rig:FT225RD, BF981, 2 x 14 el CueDee, QQE06/40.

Earlier we have worked packet with old Commodore C128D and Digicom, but now
there is something wrong in the casette port.
Before this experiment I had´t  worked packet by Baycom  and  there was a
lot  to do with  studying and configure it. Unfortunately no time enough to
study how to work by MirMon2. We downloaded it last Friday and had to
borrow TNC etc.

But we were QRV by Baycom-program and got connect to Mir´s box at 0905-0909
UTC. That time  Maaria and Tanja were the operators!  We tried to send a
message to the box. There was a lot of traffic. Also we monitored some
European stations who were sending their locations. That was nice.
Afterwards we thought that also we should have had start to send manually
our location during that orbit.
Unfortunately Mir went down to the horizon .  We were just waiting for the
start of the Mirex Experiment next orbit.  But nothing heard during last 2
orbits which were over our horizon yesterday after 1000 UTC.

Sorry to hear that there was a problem with tnc in the space. But sometimes
it happens. It´s life.
Unfortunately it happened just during this experiment.

Next time when there will be a new possibility to join Mirex Experiment Day
there will be  many more stations QRV. And when you get your location
digipeated by Mir and see others joining in,  there will be many glad faces
when they understand that it´s really worth of trying!

Good luck with SAREX and MIREX!
Thank you for all those who are doing this possible !

CU, 73 de Markku OH8UV